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// Patricia Urquiola Shimmer mirrors Glas Italia

Decorcus Patricia Urquiola Coats Transparent Furniture For Glas Italia With An Iridescent Sheen


Patricia Urquiola coats transparent furniture<br /> for Glas Italia with an iridescent sheen

Patricia Urquiola Shimmer console Glas Italia

Rainbow Furniture By Patricia Urquiola - New York Graphic Design Agency Alfalfa Studio

Monumental Architecture, Museum Architecture, Minimal Architecture, Classical Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Interior Architecture, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Drawing Architecture, Landscape Architecture

TAFLA is a collection of steel mirrors by Zieta Prozessdesign

A Collection of Mirrors That Look Inflated

Designed by Zieta Prozessdesign, TAFLA is a modern collection of puffy, steel mirrors that look as if they're inflated, almost like mylar balloons.

Diversion Mirror by Hervé Langlais 3 Mirrors, Mirror Furniture, Mirrored, Reflective decor, Metallic furniture, Silver Accents, Gold Accents, Decor.

Mirror "Diversion" pink by Hervé Langlais for Galerie Negropontes