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Um mundo inovador precisa de regras claras e eficientes. Haveria muito menos investimento em pesquisa e desenvolvimento sem a expectativa de retorno futuro para a implementação de novas tecnologias úteis.

The Mobile Patent War’s Suits [INFOGRAPHIC] This graphic from Thomson Reuters shows just who is suing whom in our current patent wars.

Indian Patents

In this infographic, discover how Indian patent office is performing. In addition, find out which companies and technologies have been leading in patent app

EPO's open patent data

Patent data is public data par excellence. Its vastness million records) and relevance to innovation mean that any open data concept or linked web would be…

2012 Inner-Active - Mobile Monetization. Mobile, Telecom, Advertising Networks, LBS, Agencies, CDS, Search, Recommendation, PSP, Publishing, Content

The Most Comprehensive Mobile Monetization Landscape by inneractive - Inneractive: The Mobile Ad Exchange