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Céu da Semana: de 28 de agosto a 03 de setembro de 2016 https://mapaeastral.com/2016/08/27/ceu-da-semana-de-28-de-agosto-a-03-de-setembro-de-2016/

Celestial Maps :: A depiction of a total eclipse that occurred on May Courtesy the Library of Congress


would be a nice steampunk design. so beautiful allthingsstrange: Ornate and complex astronomy charts from Tibet. Align the stars

Algunas ilustraciones del dibujante yugoslavo Nikolai Lutohin aparecidas en la revista "Galaksija" en la década de los 70s ...

Untitled by Yugoslavian-born artist Nikolai Lutohin Possible illustration for the science magazine "Galaksija" in the and via Mazzu Stardust

Antique map of the solar system

Thomas Wright's Celestial Map of the Universe, Universe Stars Antique map of the Solar System Measuring the Universe by Royal Observat.

chukart:  Anatomy Occultus - V2 - A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic Adam Kadmon form. Archival Prints available in 9x19 on watercolor paper, 12x24 on cotton rag paper available for purchase via square market:http://www.doveserpent-oto.org/shop_prints.php

Anatomy Occultus A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic & Adam Kadmon form by Artist, Chuk Vinson - the joining of the serpent DNA with that of a human.