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As bolsas recebem o nome de importantes mulheres na história de Portugal!!!

The Dona Carlota Joaquina handbag is perfect for the fashionista who prefers Coke over Pepsi.

Gimme 5 Caps Recycling - Preserve

Preserve brand reminds you to *leave the caps on* when you recycle plastic containers!

bunny brooch!

perfect handmade valentine's day gift for kids on etsy where-did-i-put-my-sewing-machine

Bottle Cap Christmas Wreath - could also use photos

This would be cute with all green bottle caps (i. Heineken) accented with red bottle caps to look like hilly berries!

Coca Cola 2nd lives. Bottle tops that convert used bottle into new type of usage.

The Coca-Cola company has come up with a great way for you to reuse those plastic bottles of Coke you buy. As part of it global sustainability program Coca-Cola has launched which is a line of 16 different caps that can be screwed on any bottle top to.

Is this a clutch made out of bottle caps?! It's not written in English so I got to do some  investigating ~ all in all this is pretty rad!!!

Repurposed Bottle Top Totes - HádeHaver Plastic Lid Bags are Made from Recycled Plastic Bottle

a variety of recycled - upcycled - materials such as fabric, paper, felt, foil, caps, carpet, metal, plastic, styrafoam, dried paint, by cristina

Lee Gainer- upcycled materials hand-rolled into circles and swirls.this would be a fun family project

that cherry tree in bloom is how i'm spending the rest of today.  yay!

that cherry tree in bloom is how i'm spending the rest of today.

Cortina con tapitas de botellas recicladas!

This is fun! Repurposed plastic milk bottle caps and nylon fishing line create a doorway or wall hanging of giant surf. Rescue and recycle, upcycle, salvage! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL

Bittersweet Farm

It is hard to believe that we are finally on the brink of spring. Of course it always means a little lime-colored mud on.

Coke bottle caps rose.  You may need one of these.

On a quest to change the way people think about trash, Yoav Kotik uses plain bottle caps to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. The The Bottle Cap Jewelry of Yoav Kotik.