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"'Tunnel The very first exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo London, by Punchdrunk. This is a walk through forest made of paper, I love art that isn't made for money but just made to create a momentary experiences for the audience.

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amazing weird bizarre cool creative design sculpture mushroom cloud A-bomb tree house

walkthrough of paper cut outs

Jeebus H. Swoon, Alison Corrie and Solovei created this massive paper installation in collaboration at Black Floor Gallery, Philadelphia.

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"Intersections" by Anila Quayyum Agha is an ornately carved wood cube with an imbedded light source that projects SHADOWS onto gallery walls. The foot cube projects shadows that are 32 - 35 feet.

RED Valentino Flagship Store Milan, Italy | designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli

RED Valentino Opens Flagship Store in Milan

paper installation at RED Valentino Flagship Store in Milan >> not really getting there. but think the proposion from installation to the space are important. the space need to be filled.

Art Installations architecture | Technicolor Bloom by Brennan Buck - popavenue - Happy French Pop Blog

Brennan Buck and his team Twisted Design Tunnels_'Technicolor Bloom' is a collection of intricately cut pieces of poplar plywood bound together with cable binders. Each piece is painted white on one side and either magenta, yellow or blue on the other.