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PERNINHAS FINAS  Bem fininhas, São minhas perninhas, Tão frágil sou... Mas do céu, sempre perto estou, Pois, tenho asas fortes para voar, E sempre perto de Deus vou estar.  Serena ( calma e tranquila)

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Black cap chickadee

chickadee One of these tiny beautiful birds accidentally flew into my house this week. I caught him after he perched on a houseplant, he was so tiny, like a puff of air. Released him of course.

Bubble-eyed goldfish is becoming a popular pet in South Africa. Bubbled-eyed goldfish are an exotic goldfish breed first appeared in China in the 1900s, though exact origin is unknown. The fish's upward pointing eyes are accompanied by two large fluid-filled sacs. These sacs are so fragile that the tanks they live in have to be kept free of all marine life, accessories and water plants because the slightest touch could cause a puncture.  However, if the sacs pop the pets are able to regrow…

The loneliest fish in the pond: Bubble-eyed goldfish has to swim on his own in case he bumps into others and BURSTS his eyes

Bubble-eyed goldfish are the latest craze sweeping across South Africa. They must swim alone to avoid bursting their balloon eyes but in emergency situations the pets can grow another pair.

My name is Shady Ramzy a wildlife photographer focusing on conservation and protecting species. I have been working solo on a rainforest photography

Grey Crowned Crane  - seen in Tanzania/ Africa..  We were lucky to see them when we were in Tanzania, Africa last June.

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Exhibit A. Previous pinner: Hyacinth Macaws by Keith Mitchell. Me: I appreciate the restraint shown here, by allowing the blue color to just BE! The photographer was content with nature's natural brightness, and so am I.

Blue-throat / Blauwborst [Luscinia svecica]

Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica) in the Netherlands. This is the Red-spotted Bluethroat (L. svecica svecica), a rare bird in Holland because this subspecies is normally found in northern Eurasia.