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First tv boyfriend from way back. Still makes the heart pound faster. Definitely putting this one under hotness!

Elle Uk sceglie David Beckham per la cover in occasione delle Olimpiadi

Elle Uk sceglie David Beckham per la cover in occasione delle Olimpiadi

"The Major Thing That Scares Me Isn't Failure: I've Experienced That A Lot. What Scares Me Is Not Making An Attempt." George Clooney

Baggage Claim (2013)

In place is none other than an actor who made a transistion from TV star to movie star . the one and only George Clooney ! His real big break was on TV as a doctor in ER and he soon had an army of female fans.

Ian Somerhalder. I had a professor that looked like him...yep ;)

31 days, 31 gifts – Ian Somerhalder Edition!

I've recently started watching Vampire Diaries and i've got a little thing for Damon Salvatore. He's got the whole sexy bad boy thing going on. His character is just hot. You have to watch Vampire Diaries to know what i mean!

very sexy

Charles Michael Davis incredibly hot, with a smile that can totally control you and just a plus vampire on the hott CW TV show "The Originals"!

2005 | Matthew McConaughey


People magazine's sexiest man alive: through the years (© AP, Rex) Matthew McM

Vin Deisel. Those eyes...They make you think he's sexy ---true that! The voice really does it for me---sexy!

Top 10 sexiest 40+ Afro-American men

Vin Diesel: He is an incredible actor, gifted with talent & the ability to unify people. Possibly the most caring & honest actor around. love being a part of his One Love revolution!