John Kenn (1978 -) é um misterioso artista dinamarquês que desenha monstros assustadores em post-its, utlizando traços simples e muitas hachuras. Os post-its estão sempre por perto e eu gosto de se…

John Kenn Mortensen: desenhos assustadores feitos em post-it

Post-It Monstre By John Kenn Mortensen. | The Unravelling Of Alan ...

Post-It Monstre By John Kenn Mortensen.

Descubriendo ilustradores: John Kenn Mortensen

Descubriendo ilustradores: John Kenn Mortensen

via don kenn gallery / by way of pumpkinrot “But when i have time i draw monsterdrawings on post-it notes… it is a little window into a different world, made on office supplies.

Assustadora, doentia, tensa, inquietante... Esses são alguns adjetivos utilizados para tentar classificar a arte do dinamarquês Don Kenn, que usa blocos de anotação autocolantes, os famosos post-its, para apresentar através de ilustrações um mundo inusitado e apavorante.

a doentia arte de don kenn

The beginning of a very dark fairy tale? another great Don Kenn doodle.

John Kenn - Part Time

Novos monstros em post-its de John Kenn

If you haven’t seen John Kenn‘s awesome work before, the first thing you should know is that his wonderfully creepy drawings are created on humble post-it notes. This witch house is John’s latest.


Descubriendo ilustradores: John Kenn Mortensen

>Post-It Note drawings by John Kenn Next time you scribble ‘buy milk’ on a Post-It Note, you’ve just deprived John Kenn of a canvas. This Danish artist conjures creepy monster scenes worthy of a.

culturejunkie: “ ‘The Secret Life of Heroes’ series by Greg Guillemin. Because superheroes do normal sh*t too, why shouldn’t we see it? Artist Greg Guillemin shoes us that even the most powerful.

Chicken Soup for the Soulless

#goodmorning #gif Giovanni Ranzo originally...

Illustration by John Kenn Mortensen as .GIF - This reminded me of "The Babadook"!