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Adrien Brody ... @Holly Farris

15 Stunning Celebrity Portraits

Martin Schoeller: Adrian Brody, Martin Schoeller Art Gallery, Martin Schoeller Pictures, Martin Schoeller Photos - New York City

70s Batman I absolutly Loved this Batman and Robin growing up!! And all the villians too!! They were all perfectly casted for the rolls they played.

I really loved the Batman TV series from the Hardly ever missed a rerun when they returned in syndication in the early

Repinned this for two reasons... 1) I want grey suits for the groomsmen, 2) Ryan Gosling (don't tell my fiance) ;)

Ryan Gosling shows everyone how a man should dress. No woman is gonna complain about the facial hair either. - def not scary

Meryl Streep | aging with beauty |  portrait by Martin Schoeller

53 Reasons Why Meryl Streep Is The Best

meryl streep - i love to see how beautiful a woman looks when she lets herself age gracefully. just say no to plastic surgery!

Cigarettes are gross, but Jason Segel is awesome.

Jason Segel's coolness level just maxed out

Almost every popular celebrity had pictures done by Martin Schoeller at one point or another. It is very cool to see how creative some of his photos are. Take a look at this mega post of awesome pictures by him, you won't regret it!

All The Nobody People

September David Bowie at HMV Records store in Manhattan for the promotion of "Outside". Photo by © Allan Tannenbaum.