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DIY: hammered flower and leaf prints / Faça você mesmo: estampa de folhas

Layer leaves on watercolor paper with paper towels, hammer with cross peen hammer. (ball peen seems to smash the leaves too much) Build/Make/Craft/Bake: How-to: Hammered flower and leaf prints

Glycerin Preserved Leaves

How to Preserve Flowers With Glycerine

Glycerin Preserved Leaves: Mix a solution of one part glycerin and two parts water. Lay leaves in solution, may need to weight down. Keep soaking for up to 6 days. Remove, pat dry & use. Now all I need is leaves to preserve!

how cute! make a flower from an autumn leaf - works on green leaves too :) Borrowed a couple leaves from the trees as I was watering the horses and made the hubs a rose for our anniversary today :)

What a great idea to use those fallen leaves. Never have another bouquet die again! roses out of fall leaves! Love this idea for my bouquet!

leaf art <> " Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." ~Emily Bronte (Thanksgiving, season, autumn, fall) I think I will try and sew a faux leaf and make this. My favorite season "Autumn"

Ramp up your leaf prints this year with these creative twists and cool materials!

Leaf Rubbing Art & Science Activity

Ramp up your leaf prints this year with these creative twists and cool materials! These leaf rubbings integrate science, art, and (if you choose) language arts!

Love how these look!!

Our walls are like blank canvas waiting to be filled with wonderful paintings and works of art. But bought paintings are a little bit impersonal.

Stamping with Leaves by Paula Beardell Krieg. Use sturdy fresh leaves: raspberry, burdock, maple, apple, catalpa, wild grape, ferns. Use fresh markers (Crayola are fine). Ink the back side of the leaf using multiple colors. Place leaf inked side down on cardstock, lay waxed paper on top, & press firmly with fingers, especially right up next to the veins of the leaf. (The waxed paper keeps you from tearing the leaf.) You can re-ink & print each leaf several times before it becomes too…

Elementary Nature Printing

Wedding Ideas: easy-peasy-diy-screen-printing

easy-peasy-diy-screen-printing - Once Wed

screen printing that requires an embroidery hoop, some silk, a credit card, fabric paint and contact paper. All you have to do is cut your design out of contact paper, adhere it to your little screen and get printing. The credit card acts as a squeegee.

Each of these gorgeous stars holds a kind secret to whomever opens it. a beautiful & creative way to lift your spirits throughout the year!.

How to Make Lucky Paper Stars

Kuehne, this made me wish we had a need for an "inspiration." Wanna go find a team? :) These DIY paper stars hold a secret message inside.

Photo Transfers Using Blender Pens (Now to find a blender pen… What the heck is a blender pen?)

Instant Photo Transfers With Blender Pens

Instant Photo Transfers With Blender Pens! The vintage looking transfers can be made onto paper, wood, ceramic, and tin.

Stempels maken

this stencil idea is awesome! much cheaper than diy stamps with rubber blocks and all the tools needed to carve them.

Real spider webs on paper!

Put real spiderwebs on paper. great way to preserve/ examine a spiderweb - Interesting!I'd have to get close enough to the spider web to actually do this.

Glue Batik   (Can use peel off method on canvas)

Batik is a wax-resist fabric dyeing technique that originated in Indonesia. To make batik-making more child-friendly, wax can be replaced with white glue or blue gel glue to make various exciting batik crafts and projects.