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Concrete love hearts fall for diy

Tumblr Inspired DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewellery - make a concrete pendant necklace using a gemstone mould; fashion craft project with instructions LOVE THIS

ExtrusionBot | Filament Maker – Extruder for 3D Printers

Extruding plastic pelets can save money on printing supplies. HDPE from milk bottles could take this one step further if you can account for the shrinkage.

I feel like this is the only sort of animal head wall mounting I can support. Lace Animal Heads fitted with compact lighting

3ders.org - Jonty Hurwitz 3D printed nano sculptures at the same scale as a human sperm | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Artist Jonty Hurwitz has created so far the most detailed nano-sculptures with printing and a technique called "Multi-Photon Lithography". Similar to standard photolithography techniques.

Les Néréides Alphabet Fleuri – Collier à breloques avec ”G” - Les Néréides Collier avec Leter ”G” en métal plaqué or avec des fleurs et de la main coccinelle peint. Livré dans son écrin de protection. Prix (€) 95.00

Alphabet Fleuri – Letter ”G”

I find this so true because my best friend on the internet is way better than my real life people that I hang out with. (acually they hang out with me)

I love my internet friends! My real life friends aren't like that though. More like my internet friends and real life friends act like the internet friends on this post