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O presente mais lindo a gente não vê... Sente num pequeno gesto de ternura. [Sirlei L Passolongo]

It makes me happy to see an older couple smiling and talking. Especially if that couple is married. Love this picture !

These folks are 100 years old . They have been married 74 years. They give me hope for a happy future.

'True love never fades': Husband, 100, and wife, 99, who have been together 82 years

Lionel, and his wife Ellen Buxton, met in March married on July 1936 and have been inseperable ever since. The couple, together a total of 82 years, have not spent more than one night apart.

Quero envelhecer assim !!

this just makes my heart happy, this will be me and my husband when we are old and happy! old people are just so cute! cant wait to grow old with my future husband!

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While most of us know that the frequency of sex is greatest during those first throes of passion, and we grudgingly accept the fact that it often wanes as the y

.Loving is beautiful or else you would not have fallen in love.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

O bom humor, a risada, o lazer, a alegria, recuperam a saúde e trazem vida longa. A pessoa alegre tem o dom de alegrar o ambiente em que vive. "O bom humor nos salva das mãos do doutor". Alegria é saúde e terapia. Drauzio Varella

If someone asks me what is friendship? I would sit next to you, pull you close to me, put my arms around you and say proudly this is friendship. thanks for being a wonderful friend. Autres photos de Friendship Begins Here Motivational Quotes