Adele - The eyes, the hair, the voice, the curves and the attitude. You just have to love Adele.

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Exclusive behind the scenes Images of Adele’s music video for “Hello" by Shayne Laverdière.

The picture fits the description "a private life" because it shows Adele in a way we don't normally see her. Because of it being that simple it is effective and that is all that needs to be put in the front of the magazine. The only thing that isn't all that effective is that there isn't much color to it, just the "rolling stone" logo then the rest is white.

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Adele ~ Rembrandt Lighting ... Beautiful

Here we have this famous portrait of Adele perfectly exhibiting the Rembrandt Lighting effect. Once you know what you're looking for, you'll start to recognize the lighting techniques in images you see in the media everywhere!

Adele for Time Magazine | LOLO❤︎

Makeup that is so classy and perfectly balanced between capturing attention and staying subtle