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Fernando Vicente’s Anatomical Art

0 fernando vicente - anatomical paintings - anatomy of a woman with the plan of a Mercedes car engine

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Fernando Vicente

Fernando Vicente, Anatomias


Spooky Shoes!

♫ Toe bone connected to the foot bone ♪ Foot bone connected to the leg bone ♫♪ Not quite! there is 26 bones which make up a foot (not including accessory bones!

I won't lie, The hard science of human anatomy has been difficult to apply to my soft, right-brained mind for the arts, but my fascination with the artists who created this subject by their beautiful expressions of reality has pulled me through. This image was by one of the world's first anatomists to create a textbook, Andreas Vesalius. He is amazing.

'anatomia del corpo humano' - rome, 1559 by juan valverde de amusco (ca. 1525 - ca. anatomist anatomical maps - the renaissance - artists search for perfection

vintage anatomy illustration, from Traité Complet de L’Anatomie de L’Homme, by Jean-Baptiste Bourgery and Nicolas Henri Jacob, 1867–1871

Bourgery’s magnificent atlas in eight folio volumes is one of the greatest and most beautiful illustrated anatomical and surgical treatises ever published

Vintage 1950s Medical Female Anatomy Diagram Fold Out Book Human Body Muscle

Vintage Medical Female Anatomy Diagram Fold Out Book Dissection Head Brain Skull Muscles Svankmajer Collage Material

Nuhn, Anton   Surgical-anatomical plates (Division 1)-  Illustrations of the surgical anatomy of the head and neck including Mannheim, 1846

Surgical-anatomical plates (Division - Illustrations of the surgical anatomy of the head and neck including Mannheim, Abbildungen der chirurgischen, Anatomie des Kopfes und des Halses enthaltend,