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Halloween haunted house notebook by @themagicjar

Halloween haunted house notebook by Magic Jar --- Paper Goods

Halloween window fun pinning for image only

Haunted House Silhouettes - Cut out silhouettes to put in your windows. When night falls and the lights come on.the scares begin!


I wouldn't go this far, but this is pretty cool :) >>> Harry Potter-inspired potions chandelier. When I'm a "grown-up" and have a house with my big sci-fi/fantasy display room, this is going to hang from the ceiling.

Samhain night

Samhain - aka Halloween::Gaelic festival held Oct 'Samhain' is derived from Old Irish meaning "summer's end." It marked the end of the harvest and of the "lighter half" of the year and the start of the "darker half".

Haunted houses -14 fabulous haunted graphics for your Halloween crafts and creative projects.

Illustration of Halloween haunted houses collection. vector format illustration vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Halloween Haunted House Stock Photo

Illustration of Halloween Haunted House vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

diy dog costumes for halloween | INSPIRATION: Creepy Halloween Horror Costumes For Dogs

This awesome dog skeleton Halloween costume looks pretty easy to make. Just get some pet safe paint and go to town. Of course you’ll need a black dog to make it work too.