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Ninho de gnomos :)

These are hundreds of umbrella mushrooms growing on tree bark. Mushrooms that take over the tree trunk like this are usually spread by wind-blown spores and generally infect older or injured trees.

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Bükk Mountains (Hungary) - Mushroom metropolis (Coprinus disseminatus) by ?

Phallus indusiatus, commonly called the bamboo fungus, bamboo pith, long net stinkhorn, crinoline stinkhornor veiled lady, is a fungus in the family Phallaceae, or stinkhorns.

Phallus indusiatus, commonly called Bamboo Fungus, Bamboo Pith, Long Net Stinkhorn, Crinoline Stinkhorn or Veiled Lady

Phellodon sinclairii is a native fungus found in beech forests of New Zealand. sinclairii has white spores and grows from the ground, reaching a height of 45 mm by 80 mm wide.

"Daedalea quercina (Oak Mazegill Fungus) Photo by ganglion on Flickr - ronbeckdesigns."

"Daedalea quercina (oak mazegill fungus)" - grown on the sides of giant Hadar trees

Hexi Pored Polypores... Mushrooms by ~ReflectTheStorm1 on deviantART

Hexi Pored Polypores Mushrooms ~ by on deviantART