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DIY River Rock Boot Trays

Visual Organization: That's my style of organizing, so I'm attracted to these wall-mounted "command centers."

DIY Wall Space Office Organizer - Take your planning to the next level—literally. By using wall space for just about everything, your desk will be clear for the essentials. This array of wall storage serves up an abundance of smart solutions.

Great idea to keep boots from dripping all over the floor!

Make a Designer Inspired Dollar Store Boot Tray.would be good for a general shoe drop spot too.

$1 store pebbles, glue gun & shelf liner!  Interesting.

DIY DOOR MAT: Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the dollar Store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color. So great - it's hard to find a door mat that is large enough to go in front of the door with out looking rinky-dink and stupid :)

Fazer um jardim de 4 portas (antigo ou novo). DIY or H.

Nice small size for a smaller yard with no room for a large storage shed. Garden shed made of 4 old doors. They use it for storing their tools.

Your Space: Skoförvaring på galge

DIY - Easy way to organize your shoes. Make shoe hangers from old wire hangers.

Stone boot tray! Great idea especially in MN winters, the tray will collect the water instead of it going all over the floor! Maybe have two trays, the top one with holes so you can strain and don't have to deal with the rocks when emptying the water.

DIY Rock Boot Tray- A Cute Way to Eliminate Mudroom Puddles

FDIY Rock Boot Tray- A Cute Way to Eliminate Mudroom Puddles. Use an old cookie sheet!

Com alguns seixos e um tapete com antiderrapante, você poderá criar seu próprio tapete de pedras.

Tapete de pedras

A doormat I don't have to clean, and it's pretty too! - Some river rocks and glue is all that is needed to transform an inexpensive plain doormat into high-end catalog replica. Tessie would LOVE helping me make this!

River rock in the bottom of a boot tray

Pebble Boot Tray

Need to get your front entry organized and keep your floors dry? This pebble boot tray is stylish, functional and SO easy to create!

Tired of tracking muck and water into the house? Make a shoe tray to give them a place to dry off.

DIY Boot Tray

DIY Cobblestone Boot Tray–No More Using Towels at the door! Looks so much better! Come learn how to make one! Come learn how to make a DIY Boot Tray with grout so the s

DIY Shoe Tray and why you should have one!

DIY Shoe Tray: Take Off Your Shoes & Stay Awhile

DIY Shoe Tray and why you should have one! Like the faux grass idea

Wie lässt man den Dreck und Matsch von draußen an der Haustür, statt ihn im Haus zu verteilen? Tolle Idee für Regentage :-)    (via http://agulife.ru/community/household/144592/)

tray + rocks = good place to put dirty, muddy, wet shoes when you get in the house. This will be in the mud room of my dream house one day. Yes, there will be a mudroom.

A Simple Door Mat from Salvaged Wood Planks- perfect for when your ikea bed slats are no longer willing to hold up your bed LOL

Make a Simple Door Mat from Salvaged Wood Planks

DIY Wood Working Projects: How to make a wood plank door mat!