The Inuits have some legends that deal with polar bears ferrying Inuit souls to the other side of life upon death. Afterwhich, the deceased human walks the earth, temporarily, in the form of the polar bear.

In Memoriam - RIP Knut by ~Katzilla13 on deviantART

All of Berlin is mourning the sudden death of cutie-pie Knut, but at least, he's reunited with his 'Daddy' Thomas Doerf. In Memoriam - RIP Knut

aww polar bear cub :)

I don't even drink coke, but I wanna save all the polar bears

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Picture: Steven Kazlowski / Barcroft Media (via Close encounters with polar bears in the frozen Alaskan wilderness - Telegraph)

Instead of Earth Hour once a year, why not Earth Day every day?  Commit to doing your part to reduce the need for energy.  This photo is a heartbreakingly poignant reminder.

The REAL inconvenient truth: Zealotry over global warming could damage our Earth far more than climate change the poor polar bears

Meet the new Knut: Zoo crowds wowed by tragic polar bear¿s sister who (whisper it) could be even cuter | Mail Online

Meet the new Knut: Zoo crowds wowed by tragic polar bear’s sister who (whisper it) could be even cuter

Polar Bear Cub Anori making her public debut in 2012 with mother Vilma at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo. Her father Lars is the same polar bear who sired Berlin's famous polar bear Knut.

Polar bear

A polar bear (Ursus arctos maritimus) on pack ice, Svalbard, Norway - Andy Rouse


Quick Fact: Females Polar Bears usually bear two cubs. Cubs stay with their moms for up to years. During this time, the Polar Bear Cubs learn how to hunt and survive in the harsh arctic environment.

Hi, my name is jason *swim away*

Swimming Polar Bear Photo: I didn't take this pic. Polar Bears love to swim. This Photo was uploaded by MartysFavoritePics