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Echinacea purpura

Echinacea purpura

Anthemis hybr. 'Kelwayi'

golden margeurite or anthemis tinctoria to attract ladybeetles wasps and tachinid flies to hunt down harmful insects in veggie garden

How to Grow Dahlias • Great Tips and Ideas!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Grow Dahlias

This is how to grow the beautiful flower name dahlias. How to Grow Dahlias. Great Tips and Ideas

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Making Room For In Your Garden

27 Medicinal plants worth putting in your garden. The root of the Marsh Mallow plant is no longer used to make the confection.

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10 Perennial Fruits Vegetables (You Can Plant Once & They Will Keep Coming Back Every Year)

If you have any mirrors that you're not using any longer why not add them to your garden or backyard. These mirror ideas for your garden will surprise you.

18 Dazzling Mirror Ideas for Your Garden

This project features a house covered (inside and out) with thousands of round mirrors that makes it nearly camouflaged. The round mirrors have different shapes

The Indian Carpet Mix creates a colorful carpet of unique white, pink, and red blooms from spring to summer. Fragrant and gorgeous, this Dianthus is perfect for the front of any garden or planted in large groups. (Dianthus barbaratus)

Dianthus Indian Carpet Mix, Dianthus barbatus – Dianthus from American Meadows Ideas for a garden area I'm trying to build.

Abundant, purple-pink daisylike blooms; grows 2 to 4 feet tall; prefers full sun, well-drained soil; echinacea purpurea

Drought-Resistant Perennials