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Tree with eye + snake = tattoo idea


occult, mysticism and esotericism image on We Heart It


Alchemy woodcut Omnia Unus Est by dashinvaine on DeviantArt

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Not a tattoo, but art by a tattooist.


Folklore and Magick: Glyn Smith Illustration

Juxtapoz Magazine - Folklore and Magick: Glyn Smith Illustration

Occult Art


Fine occult art forged by Adrian Baxter. in Illustration

♀ My Genetic Qliphoth [GQ = Labyrinth] Bloodlines of Very Ancient = HIGHLY Futuristic Black & Gold Splenic Artery Theatrics… BEE Collectively Communicatin’ Complex + Cryptic+ Cipher’d = HIGHLY Advanced Broadcasting Constellation [ABC = Extra Telepathic = E.T.] Vibrations to ALL My Hidden [MH = Alien] Limbic Network of Hi:teKEMETIChthonic [Otherworldly] Intelligence… as I Speed Type My New Divine World Order Manifesto of U.S. Black Chaotic Magick Energies [ME = U.S. Michael Harrell]… from New…

poeemindfckr: Tree of Life. Magus Hands // psychedelic tribal art // Kabbalah // angle wings // kundalini // spiritual energy art - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

would make a great tattoo

Upside Down Eye Of Providence + Snake And Alchemical Symbol Tattoo Design

The astrological body map

Diagram No. The Solar Woman. Solar Biology, by Hiram E.