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Wonderful Gardening decoration ideas

DIY Gardening: How To Make A Pond In Your Garden

DIY Craft Projects using Old Vintage Windows Doors - Trash to Treasure - Architectural Salvage - Greenhouse from old windows

Garden Journal with children - Creating a journal is a great way to teach children (and help you!) how to recognize how a plant looks when it's just coming up through when it blooms, which plants might need to be moved to be healthier (or prettier), and how to harvest herbs for cooking or medicine and save seeds.

spring time, Kids Garden Journal Keeping a gardening journal with kids for their garden is great for incorporating math, science, language, and art

greenhouse of old windows "Old window greenhouse by Lucy and Stephen Marr. Photos by Todd Selby. theselby.com"

My dream greenhouse - I swear I had this idea before I saw this picture! All recycled windows and doors, easily gathered at a scrap/salvation yard.

[Modern] Homesteading Wherever You Are: -bake bread from scratch + small wheat grinder -homemade soup (lye from ashes) -herbal & natural remedies -dairy goat -keep bees & harvest honey -learn to forage -sell what you make/grow @ farmer's market -compost -build a home library on self-sufficient living -rain barrels -alternative energy; practice living w/o electricity -hunt & fish -get rid of TV = more productive days & mind *barter

How To Homestead Wherever You Are

So you want to go off the grid? Finding a place to do that can be just as hard as going off the grid. Here are some tips to help you find the right place.

Visitors are more than welcome in 'The Octagon' at Whichford Pottery.