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Tortinha de batata

Tortinha de batata

Gelatin with water, thinly slice radishes.   Thank you for the idea.  It's now on my list!

Cooking with Wylie Dufresne at Harvard (sheet of radish: gelatin, water, thinly sliced radish)

L'art dans vos assiettes : Venez dresser vos assiettes comme un chef ! Oyster//champagne//caviar

Champagne, Caviar & Jersey Rock Oyster: the Art of Seafood by Chef Malcolm Campbell at Auberge du Pommier @ Oliver & Bonacini. French Oysters that are Ocean Wise Recommend and Green Seachoice for sustainable seafood. Available weekly by seacore.

Caprese Stuffed Garlic Butter Portobellos...

Caprese Stuffed Garlic Butter Portobellos drizzled with a rich balsamic glaze for the classic Caprese flavour!

Vanilla chips, one of the dishes created by El Bulli

TrustMovies (goes Netflix streaming): Gereon Wetzel's doc on EL BULLI, as that chic restaurant comes to its imminent close

Gastronomy and Art via @Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Stevenson Visual Collective Collective

I am a so so cook but there is nothing more appealing to me than a well composed plate of food. This post is dedicated to the many ways well known cooks present a dish. I'd leave the cooking techni.

Molecular Gastronomy Infographic on Behance

Molecular Gastronomy is the practice of combining experimental chemistry with the culinary arts to alter the properties of liquid and solid food. This information graphic contains explanations and applications of various methods of preparing food by unus…

This chip is stunning. It's see-through like no other food. It has the distinct crunch and flavor of a potato chip, but in an unexpected space-age form. This is molecular gastronomy brought home. It involves potato stock, potato starch, and a slow-dried gel.

Glass Potato Chips

Let's be honest: Potato chips are boring. Every time I wander the chip aisle of the grocery store, there is some supposedly new twist on the potato chip.

Petite salade fraîcheur avec du poisson cru !… Il y a des amateurs ? ;) (De chefs-talk .com)

Lovely way to plate a sashimi king fish, with micro herb salad.