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This Rad typography keeps it fresh with contrasting colours that work together well and clean cut type. A great combo!

Random Inspiration #26

keep fresh stay rad - Erik Marinovich is a San Francisco based lettering artist and a cofounder of Friends of Type, and he cofounded Title Case, a lettering and design studio, with fellow lettering artist, Jessica Hische.

Daily Dishonesty by graphic designer and illustrator Lauren Hom

Daily Dishonesty, Typographic Illustration Series Full of Lovely Little Lies

Lovely little lies founded and curated by Lauren Hom. Order the Daily Dishonesty book here. Submit your own hand lettered lie here.

Daily Dishonesty by Lauren Hom -- Been there, said that

i will only have one glass of wine / daily dishonesty, lovely little lies from a hungry graphic designer

Practice your French!

Home affaire, Glasbild, »Mohnfeld im Sonnenuntergang Panorama«, 100/40 cm

You're just my Type

Beautiful lettering poster by Ken Barber, printed by The Aesthetic Union. You could buy a copy here and learn more about the process on Ken in Typography / Lettering / Fonts


R is for Robin by Dustin Wallace -Wallace Design House

This is a poster by Tor Weeks (who was also responsible for the Bikes of San Francisco poster in an earlier post). Here she takes one the more obscure typographic bits — the brackets — from different fonts to build her chart of typestaches.

If Fonts Wore Mustaches. In the spirit of ‘Movember’, San Franciso-based art director Tor Weeks has created an illustrated guide that explores the personalities of different fonts and the ‘type’ of mustache they would wear.


Daily Dishonesty is Lauren Hom’s daily design project where she hand-letters all of the lit­tle lies she tells her­self through­out the day.