HERCULES MULLIGAN AGE: 30 CHARGE(S): Second Degree Criminal Trespass, sentence ADD. NOTES: Worked at a dept. suspicious lack of background info on him. Can apparently sew pretty well; Is always laced-up, which scares people;

Hamiltrash - I love thsi - Wattpad

Hamiltrash - I love thsi

Did the Hamilton fandom create this meme? Please tell me because it's made its way to the Undertale fandom<<< wat how did Hamilton end up in undertale. But this is just a thing they make into other fandom's.

More like an Hamilcat an America Mewsical! Honestly, wasted pun.

Read Hamilcats from the story Hamilton Zodiacs by deertheodosia (kelsey) with 858 reads. which cat in the picture is your zodiac.

I love how Lin is just like "Shh no, don't tell my secrets"

And here I thought the Sherlock fandom held the ranking of craziest fandom out there, but the Hamilton fandom is quickly making their mark!

*frowns as loud as possible* Why must you don't his to my heart?!

*frowns as loud as possible* Why must you don't his to my heart? << Hamilton in 7 minutes animatic