In this art journal page the butterfly is a reminder that we have wings and should focus on looking upward and "flying" rather than focusing on negatives

Art Journal Express #3: Video Tutorial "Come Fly With Me" Art Journal Page

"Journals and Colorful Drawings" by camilla-adamowicz. Oh the gorgeous.

"Journals and Colorful Drawings" by camilla-adamowicz - these journal drawings are just beautiful

Картинка с тегом «art, sky, and blue»

journalstudymore: “ Upcoming theme: Art Journals, Study, and More ” the color test card

Art Journal Ramblings :) | Wilna Furstenberg Blog | Bloglovin’

Art Journal Ramblings :) (Wilna Furstenberg Blog)

Art Journal by Wilna Furstenberg - one of the Teachers on Wanderlust 2017 class…