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This exact thing happened in collage when Miss you housemates dog walked through the blue paint when wall painting. Nightmare to try @ clean out of carpet.but the dogs are so cute you still can't get mad.

lmao... love this!!!  they remind of the pic of keystone backing off of the pier into the pond... the look on his face was priceless.

Cachorros mergulhadores em ensaio fotográfico


Funny pictures about Small dog with big problems. Oh, and cool pics about Small dog with big problems. Also, Small dog with big problems.

“E você dizendo que gostava de mim. Tô vendo o quanto.”

Funny pictures about Shifty Eyes Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Shifty Eyes Dog. Also, Shifty Eyes Dog photos.

Os melhores, mais fofos e mais ridículos momentos caninos que provavelmente já foram registrados.

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Cute and true

The Main Job of Dachshund Owners! My dog is part Dachshund but I never have to fix his ears; I guess that makes him Doxie - That's so true! Our dog's ears always had to be pulled back into place!

heimlich - técnica muito eficiente

Como socorrer um cachorro que está engasgando