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I Love gorillas SO much. >>> Everything wild animals, African wildlife, and also cute cat pics because well.because cats

witkeermeerkat artis IMG_0709

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Cheetah camo in a tree. It's actually a leopard, which you can see in the shape of the head and the limbs.

mama bear

Photo “Cuddle” by Marina Cano :) Brown Grizzly Bears animal photography wildlife

Beautiful snow leopard. #welovecats #leopard | Animals R amazing ❣

The beautiful Snow Leopard. I love seeing these animals on TV trying to get me to part with per month. Sadly for them, I can get a small kebab for that!

polar bear, ocean pictures

One of the most dangerous predators in the world.and he's in front of it with a camera, underwater! Obviously not as dangerous of an animal as most people think! I've seen people have Polar Bears as pets haha

"Kebo-keboku" by kukik setiawan on 500px

"Kebo-keboku" by kukik setiawan on

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Интересные новости


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