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Known for his daring and unconventional leather-accessory design, Ukrainian fashion designer Konstantin Kofta has just released his latest collection of leather bags and clutches. As described in our previous report on this talented designer’s work, Kofta likes to draw inspiration from natural shapes, like seashells and parts of human anatomy, which he then transforms into fully-functional garments and accessories.

ARXI - Wearable Architectural Details by Konstantin Kofta

Apparently, you can now wear architecture thanks to Kiev-based designer Konstantin Kofta’s line of Baroque-inspired backpacks and purses.

Guided by a quote from Marcel Proust saying “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”, the creator Konstantin Kofta made these two collections of original bags, “Inertia” and “Platonic Solids”. Futuristic bags made of geometric and organic structures, neutral colors and delicate textures.

Futuristic Bags by Kofta

Judson Harmon - ODD-Kofta-backpack.jpg

Interview: Judson Harmon of ØDD