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18 Awesome things mentally strong people do!  #inspiration

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

18 things mentally strong people do - - things to work on, and aim to do, every day! Shit man - i need to read this every day - twice

Make A Living Writing

Not all freelance writing niches are created equal. Here's the top 50 niches with the best-paid freelance writing gigs.

Improve Your Writing Through the Power of Observation  The power of observation is a natural human ability, but one that isn't fully utilized. Learn how to implement observation into your writing process.

Improve Your Writing Through the Power of Observation

50 Articles on Writing to Help You in 2015 by Brian Klems This is simply a post for writers, period!

Biblical Femininity for Single Women - there are some much needed reminders and truth in here :)

Leadership and submission in marriage are beautiful things, but the roles can be abused and applied badly. John Piper gives us six things submission to a husband is not.

love this post - Eric Engle explains what "submissive" means beautifully, as well as how to deal with a husband who is not acting in a Godly, loving way towards his wife

The Backbone of a Submissive Wife

The Backbone of a Submissive Wife-- absolutely amazing post from the husband perspective.