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Mace Pepper Gun. For the ladies that jog after work, keep yourselves protected.. girly style. Where do I get this?

Mace Pepper Spray Gun

"Mace Pepper Spray Gun in Pink". Pretty sure mace is illegal in my state, so pepper spray it is


The Planetary Glass Set comprises ten glasses (one for each planet, plus one each for Pluto and Sol) representing the bodies of our solar system, very very very loosely sized to express their relative dimensions. Or, you know, you can drink out of Uranus


is a hair blow dryer.makes me think of the classic comic strip of the man handing his wife a gun instead of a hair dryer!

Sleeping bag pants - because hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous!

This Hilarious! Going Camping Soon? Sleeping bag with pants. Because hopping around in a sleeping bag would look ridiculous.

Wild beasts version of stapler remover

Arthur Court 'Wild beasts' stapler remover- For His Next Office Manager Job.

Ok. We each need one of these!! Color changing umbrella ~ rain water splats various colors as it hits

Colour changing umbrella - changes colors as rain drops fall on it!

Coca-Cola Can Glass

Funny pictures about Coca Cola glass can. Oh, and cool pics about Coca Cola glass can. Also, Coca Cola glass can photos.