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30 Cool Things to Make With Old Magazines | StyleCaster WOW THIS IS AMAZING LOVE IT!!!

32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines

Made with folded and rolled up hard paper

Magazine Art Bowl - Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon. Link to additional Magazine Art Projects (bowls and vases)


Upcycled Rainbow Vase Sculpture made from Magazine Strips, Candy Wrappers, & Catalogs & Hot Glue Them Together

Recycled magazine trash can

I prepared this collection of DIY Amazing Recycled Magazines Crafts That Will Inspire You in order to get use of the pieces that are simply useless.

Button bowl

Check Out These 10 Simple DIY Ideas To Create Unique Bowls - Modge Podge, balloon, some to make bowl out of

Bonkers About Buttons: Knoop Button Bowl - glue buttons to a balloon and then pop it to make a button bowl!

Button Bowl - - Glue buttons to a balloon. When the glue dries, pop the balloon to make a button bowl.

Draw seriously permanent designs on mugs that won't wash off. Food safe,too!

DIY MUG DESIGN IDEA - Make this design using PaintedbyMe markers and mugs! They stay permanent once baked. Also dishwasher and microwave safe!

Уроки плетения из газет: интересный узор в технике плетения из газет - "шахматка"

Плетение из газет

Looking for a fun way to spend time with your kids, make these planters from recycled plastic bottles with them. Have fun and make something useful together :)

This is super cute idea that I want to try when little one is a bit older! A great way to re-use plastic and engage kids in recycling + nature!

DIY String Art Crafts Kit - Butterfly String Art, Monarch Butterfly String Art.  This Beautiful monarch butterfly home decor DIY Kit comes with embroidery floss, hand sanded and stained wood board, wire nails, pattern template, and instructions.

Orange Monarch Butterfly String Art Kit

This Beautiful monarch butterfly home decor DIY Kit comes with embroidery floss hand sanded and stained wood board wire nails pattern template and instructions.