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Simon Schubert

arte da dobragem de papel

Creased Paper Artworks - By Simon Schubert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sources: (simonschubert.de) (twistedsifter.com)

Arts&Crafts # 339

Cologne artist Simon Schubert creates intricate images of stately homes and palaces simply by folding plain white sheets of paper.

Simon Schubert - paper folding and unfolding art

Simon Schubert makes art by folding and unfolding paper

German artist Simon Schubert did something really unique with paper. He didn´t draw on it in any way, but creased shapes in it. This surprisingly gives enough depth to create architectural drawings. Schubert ´draws´ both imaginary and existing spaces.

Cool images created by simply folding a single sheet of paper. Great idea – this folded paper architectural works from the german artist are unusual

Simon Schubert makes artwork by folding a piece of paper, the creases showing the shadows

Simon Schubert creates works of art from folded paper.

Simon Schubert‘s haunting paper buildings are produced only by folding the paper – millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light, creating the illusion of subtle line drawings via implied outlines.

Simon Schubert meticulously folds sheets of paper, creating a very shallow relief. When the lighting is right, the paper comes to life.

Mosquito Net

Paper Interior Portraits By Simon Schubert – iGNANT.de

Paper Interior Portraits By Simon Schubert

Paper Interior Portraits By Simon Schubert – iGNANT.de



Now this is impressive. German artist Simon Schubert has perfected the art of folding and unfolding pieces of paper to create these incredible illustration

artista alemão Simon Schubert

artista alemão Simon Schubert

Folded Paper Art by Simon Schubert 3 #FoldedPaper #PaperArt #SimonSchubert #PaperCraft

Papierarbeiten by Simon Schubert 9 Exceptional Folded Architectural Works By Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert-paper art-9

Simon Schubert’s Paper Art

Simon Schubert - Amazing Work through folded paper