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<B> 25.  'Kooks' (1971) </ b>.  Escrito após o nascimento de Bowie e esposa filho de Angie Zowie (que se renomeado Duncan e passou a dirigir o excelente <i> Lua </ i>), Bowie deixa claro que ele nunca seria um pai difícil, sugerindo delicadamente ao seu prole, "não comprar uma briga com os valentões ou os cads / Porque eu não sou muito policial socando no pais de outras pessoas".

David Bowie's 40 greatest songs - as decided by NME and friends

Davie Bowie 1969 From a post called : ''The Dark Angels of Altamont/Gothic Requiem for the Flower Power'' on Loud Alien Noize.

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David Bowie at Star Studio on and National circa recording overdubs for the film of the last concert with The Spiders from Mars.

David Bowie from The Man Who Sold the World cover photo session.

David Bowie poses for Hunky Dory album cover, 1971 My beloved Dlisted used this photo for his obit.

the thin white duke

THE THIN WHITE DUKE.aka coked out Bowie, but his skinny body made those suits look gooddddd.

David Bowie and his ex-wife Angie with their son "Zowie" Bowie (now Duncan Jones) 70s.

1974 David, Angela & Zowie Bowie(now known as Duncan Jones director of the movie Source Code and Moon )

David Bowie at Frida Kalho´s house/museum in Coyoacan, on the south side of Mexico City. | Photo taken on October 22, 2004 / (C)Fernando Aceves.

David Bowie at Frida Kahlo´s house/museum in Coyoacan, on the south side of Mexico City. October (C) Fernando Aceves.