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Quando a linguagem corporal de um líder não coincide com as palavras, a maior parte da mensagem está perdida. Não basta dizer “Eu sou Líder!”, é preciso confirmá-lo através da linguagem corporal.

Liderança: Não basta ser, é preciso parecer

44 Memorable Photos From Obama's Second Inauguration

President Obama with former First Lady Nancy Reagan

June President Barack Obama arrives with former first lady Nancy Reagan to sign the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act. She founded the "Just Say No" drug awareness campaign.

I'm going to miss them when they leave the White House.

S President Barack Obama visits Yosemite National Park, USA - 19 Jun 2016 U.S President Barack Oba.

Image from http://www.classiquepromotions.co.uk/images/artists/1940s%20Dance%206.jpg.

Happy group of WWII vets celebrate the end of the war in Europe. I've never seen female black military during WWII!

President Barack Obama. This photo is better than a Norman Rockwell painting in what it communicates

President Barack Obama meets Malik Hall during departure photos with Malik's uncle, Maurice Owens, center, in the Oval Office, Sept

The President and the First Lady

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.If only we could vote you in for another 8 more years

The Game Changers And Table Runners   Reggie Duffie

The Game Changers And Table Runners Reggie Duffie

michelle obama polka-dot top

Michelle Obama Barack Obama Photos Photos - The White House Host Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month - Zimbio

A black pantherish islamist-ish thug of an idiot, clueless at being good, and wise at being evil as any reformed Talmudist Nazi could ever aspire to be...!+!

An idiot and a former nazi.

lustnspace:  Ebony Magazine May 1982 Dream Girls: Loretta Devine, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Deena Jones

The Original Dreamgirls ~ Deena Jones: Sheryl Lee Ralph Effie White: Jennifer Holiday Lorrell Robinson: Loretta Devine. All the ladies were dark and beautiful