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Ainda o atirador no cinema – Anúncio de 1981 pedia menos armas nos EUA dps da morte de John Lennon http://www.bluebus.com.br/ainda-o-atirador-no-cinema-anuncio-de-1981-pedia-menos-armas-nos-eua-dps-da-morte-de-john-lennon/

Hand Gun Control: God Bless America “Stop handguns before they stop you.

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Plant a tree. Plant a dozen trees. Plant as many trees as you can and let them grow. We need trees to live!


This is what I was telling my husband.if people are walking around with their guns out, how do we know which ones are the "law abiding citizens"? refugees needing to be safe, our military, police depts etc sad but true

Even more wrong -- the people that support this party, and don't seem to get that it's hurting them as much as the rest of us ....

Vote the selfish, greedy people out who care more about growing and maintaining wealth and power than in protecting the constitution rights of the people of this great country.

I'm always surprised how few people know any of this. There is so much we have to do NOW to climb out of the deep dark hole conservative policies have dug us into.

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For being such a rich world power our numbers kind of suck. That is what happens when all the focus of a nation becomes war and hate mongering, rather than growth and progress. Btw I want to move to Iceland

When someone speaks the truth about the rich and their destruction of the environment their main loud speaker, Fox News, is used to discredit them. Even if that someone is the pope.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is not happy with the Pope: “The most dangerous person on the...

Fox News has just name Pope Francis the most dangerous man on earth, evidently Obama held that title 4 6 yrs

Your Big Girl Pants: 10 Things That Are More Regulated Than Guns

Strong cold drugs are ok to be regulated. You're fine having a driving license revoked for too many violations. yet asking the same for guns/ammo is too far!

Civics Lesson “Here’s the thing about rights. They’re not supposed to be voted on. That’s why they call them rights.” Rachel Maddow

Civics Lesson “Here’s the thing about rights. They’re not supposed to be voted on. That’s why they call them rights.

So this is far mor dangerous than this ... Haha yes so if you guys have tge right to bear a cheeseburger i have the right to bear arms ☺️

Obesity deaths, Firearms deaths, Looks like your cheeseburger is far more dangerous than my gun. – Quotes about health and fitness

It's because of gun-happy conservatives like Trump

Truth be told. people WITH guns kill people. The slogan: people [not guns] kill people -- can someone tell me the homicide stats--guns vs.

One child is holding something that's been banned in America to protect them...Advertising Agency Grey Toronto PSA for America's MomsDemandAction.org

Shocking American gun control ads created by Canadian ad agency

powerful ad "choose one" by moms demand action. "We keep ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ out of schools because of the bottle of wine in her basket. Why not assault weapons?

Every time I'm hired by a diplomat, this is what I tell them.

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities-LA: "You can give peace a chance, I'll cover you in case it doesn't work out.