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Flexible rapier; 18th century, Toledo

A rapier, manufactured in the century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled.

swirl knife

Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife. the tri-edged blade twists, so that you don’t have to, and doubles as a glass breaker, with the sheath becoming the breaker’s handle

MTECH "Huntsman" Survival Knife

There are a lot of full-tang, fixed-blade survival knives out there. The MTech "Huntsman" Survival Knife has some style, with a sawback. overall, it features a black, 5 tanto blade.

Knife fighting technique I #Survival #Preppers

Blade Work

This dagger design was the first mass produced military knife designed specificly for offensive / fighting use. Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife - lethal force at close quarters. It's reputation far greater than it's use

Easy to assemble home made weaponry | Must-have weapons for…

Halloween Haunt Prop - Easy to assemble home made weaponry - weapons for a Survival Apocalypse theme - costume prop for adults

Each point had a particular use. The thinner points were created after more soldiers began wearing chainmail because the larger broadheads couldn't.  I THINK the moon shaped tips were used for hunting birds. Medieval Arrowheads by alexstanhope, via Flickr

when I was a kid, I used to hang out with my neighbors and we would carve arrows and stuff and build forts in the backyard :) it was fun.

Photos SharpByCoop • Gallery of Handmade Knives - Page 35

BLADE HAMMER - This is a Japanese style swordsmith hammer made from Damascus steel. This is a seriously high end piece of equipment!

Sword on back - Google Search

wonder if it will hold a sword & rifle? The holster can definitely hold swords, but the holster looks as if it could hold assault rifles and shotguns, if the barrel is long enough.

i seriously need these

Heretic Composite Bow Arrows closeup by Samouel on deviantART

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A dagger with flintlock gun, provenance: Europe, dating: Century (Gunknife?

Almost all my historical style axes, maces, flails and polearms in same photo montage: 1. Hand axe from medieval battlefields. (Forged from old ball-peen hammer & flat steels.) 2. Slavic Bulawa...

Almost all my historical style axes, maces, flails and polearms in same photo montage: Hand axe from medieval battlefields. (Forged from old ball-pee.