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I believe in God... just not the God that you think of. An energy. something greater than myself. Religion... well, there is just no excuse. While they do some good.. they a whole lot of harm. I also see it as a type of brainwashing.

No, I'm not religious — and I find it deeply insulting that you would presume that someone as smart as me shares your narrow, delusional world view.

The bible that most Christians read doesn't match up with the oldest version. How can your bible possibly be the word of god? -TH

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Contradictions. The oldest version of the Bible is the Sinai Bible and is housed in the British Museum. There are differences between it and the King James Version.

Religion - and misogynistic politicians. Women in USA should have known better and voted last November.

Iconoclast: attack of religious beliefs The political picture describes iconoclast because it criticizes the way most religions believe.

Beyond Idolatry: The worship of false gods such as Yahweh is "fatal" for human progress. - Albert Einstein ... "To those searching for truth -- not the truth of dogma and darkness but the truth brought by reason, search, examination, and inquiry, discipline is required. For faith, as well intentioned as it may be, must be built on facts, not fiction -- faith in fiction is a damnable false hope." - Thomas Edison. > > > Click image!

Only an atheist would believe this garbage. faith does not stop you from going though hard times it gives you the strength to get though them. we can help others even when we are going though our own hard time.

Lol... someone should give them the Talk... It's embarassing.

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. The people who believe that abstinence is the only birth control, also believe that a virgin got pregnant.