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not all animals hate bath time 15 pics 1 video 13

look how adorable. a shower cap! bath tub pups funny 21 Funny dogs enjoying in bath tub

stock photo of pit bull dog looking up with grin

Stock Photo of Pit bull dog looking up with grin

10 reasons why Pit Bulls rule, from the perspective of a long-time Pit Bull rescuer. I love pitbulls.

One Day!

Weimaraner - If only we could get a dog, they are the most beautiful dog.

post secret. I believe in Heaven because I can accept nothing less for my dog.   :D true.

{Post Secret}, "Because I can accept nothing less for my dog"

Rottweiler - "I can't understand the words that are coming out of your mouth" (in a Jackie Chan accent) ;) Rotties are so attentive!

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds Rottweilers are as multi-talented as they are robust and powerful.

Hot tubbin :)

pomeranian puppy dog taking bath in the sink dog bath.koda would never ever lay like that and chill in the tub

Morning Canine Caffeine

Morning Canine Caffeine

Coffee with Maddie. Atlanta, GA © by theronhumphrey, "Maddie on things".

beagle puppies! aw aw aw! by betty

I love dogs, but beagles have a special place in my heart! I have a full bred beagle and a beagle mix! They are my babies and I would totally get another beagle in the future!

~Dogs get more info through their noses than humans do through their eyes! What an awesome image!~

WTF Appreciation Gallery

Funny pictures about Sniff Sniff. Oh, and cool pics about Sniff Sniff. Also, Sniff Sniff.