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by Jack Davison

Jack Davison Photography

English photographer Jack Davison travelled across 26 States of America to take very beautiful portraits of people and cities, often in .

flowers...brown paper packages

One day he'll bring me a bouquet of beautiful flowers wrapped in brown paper packaging.

I need a dentist to eat " ha ha ha" ha ha" treat or treat I want your meat!.

Feng Studios Zombie ~ I like the chain on the zombie, this would make an awesome pneumatic prop with the chain making noise and flailing around, lunging at the TOT's

Bulgarian folk costume is the garments that were worn in Bulgarian villages until the beginning of the 20th century. V

Bulgarian traditional costume on a beautiful young girl. Bulgaria, the rose country. Come to me and I give thee tulips from my country!

Freckles (make everything better).

Who is Jodi Broadhurst. Is Jodi Broadhurst celebrity. who Is Star Jodi Broadhurst and who is real celebrity, find out at Star No Star.

Ik heb deze gekozen,  omdat bij deze foto de lippen opvallen en je daar gelijk naar kijkt en het vooral mooi is in het zwart wit

Love this pose, kind of mysterious like. Love the defined lip and the under-chin shadow, the way the hat shadows the face is cool. I also have a hat.