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Twelve commonly misused words

12 of the most misused English words: Good writers share many qualities, but simplicity and clarity are two of the most important. This infographic highlights some of the most commonly misused words in English.

Dorm Room Movers: College Hacks: Learn About A Topic In Under 4 minutes

The Ultimate List of Educational Websites - Dorm Room Movers: College Hacks: Learn About A Topic In Under 4 minutes

Body language cheat sheet. Some of the actions here are extremely stereotypical, but I'm posting this anyway because I think the other descriptions will help with the development of some of my characters...

Body language cheat sheet…

Funny pictures about Body language cheat sheet. Oh, and cool pics about Body language cheat sheet. Also, Body language cheat sheet.

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It’s never too early to bolster kids’ growing vocabulary. Ask them to look up these words in the dictionary and use them in everyday conversations.

Speech with Sharon: What Does it Mean? Vocabulary Graphic Organizer {FREEBIE!}

This graphic organizer is a great way to introduce students to new vocabulary words. They can write the meaning, the type of speech, a sentence to help them practice, and more.

Commonly Misused Words Infographic

Ten words people need to stop misspelling. Misspellings are one of my biggest pet peeves!