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'62 VW Bus Hot Rod:  7" Chop Top, Side Exhaust, and fat rear tires.  "Well done Mr. Prather...well done."  Indeed!

VW Bus Hot Rod: Chop Top, Side Exhaust, and fat rear tires. I see this bus around Erie all the time!

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The RR Phantom of generation that feel in love with The Stones and Marvin Gaye.

Trafic?!?!?!?! My daddy is in trafic everyday but the Sabeth day

up, up and away! vintage photography look old vw cars. its a buggy would Lamborghini Aventador Phillip Michael's Interpretat.

Love bug - This is sooooo darling!  I wish that could be an option for new "bugs"!

Red bug with heart shaped headlight . ideal car in an ideal world look at the adorable specification to this vw beetle