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Printing up a small batch of one of my favorite designs - my collaboration with @mmefromage! Cheese type tea towels will be back in the shop (online and at @occasionette) for a very limited time next week! I remember drawing this how much @mmefromage's pairing notes made me giggle.
So proud to announce that Girls Can Tell gift co is now represented by @danrichgroup! And I'm delighted with all the new items in the catalog we worked nonstop to produce in the past few weeks. I'll share more of the new illustrations here in the next few weeks. (Illinois retailers I'm still working with Teresa Mudryk so don't worry! Nothing changes for you!)
Pittsburgh! You are awesome and I made you these new gold foil prints of all your bridges! Visit us at @handmadearcade at day in booth 8 and we're giving away Pittsburgh tote bags with $25 purchases!
A little #tacotuesday fun from a snowy day of drawing yesterday. . . . . . . . .#tacos #mondaydoodles #taco #girlscantell #gctdoodles
Finishing up all the details in the next week on a project that's been more than a year in the making.
One of my favorite pages (with a peek at some of the new designs!) from our summer 2017 catalog.
In case you have to google it every year like I do. Happy Thanksgiving!
A few years back friends asked me to do some drawings for their burger truck. Of course I said yes (who wouldn't want to see their illustrations on a giant food truck?) so here's a dorky photo of me in front of the truck.  Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore which is sad because now I never accidentally run into it anymore randomly around the city (which was always kind of thrilling) but it's also sad because they had super tasty burgers like the breakfast burger with egg and blueberry…
Hey Chicago! I snuck into town and brought all my new towels and totes to the…
This week marks 10 years since I started GirlsCan Tell gift co! I had no idea at the time that it would become what it has (I probably would have chosen another name if I had... have I ever told you guys about the name here?) but it's been quite an incredible journey. As the new year begins I've been reflecting back on what worked and what was good in 2015 and I'm pretty convinced it was the most transformative year yet for Girls Can Tell gift co. We made big strides in terms of logistics…