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Arte radioativa

Radiation Physicist Colorizes X-Ray Images and Shows Hidden Beauty Inside Nature Arie van’t Riet

Piante e animali ai raggi X – foto - Il Post

Dutch artist Arie van't Riet, a medical physicist with a PhD in radiology turned the traditional way of using x-ray imagery. he accidentally became an artist by

A arte das fotografias de raio-x coloridas http://lounge.obviousmag.org/manifesto_da_artes/2013/12/maravilhosas-imagens-de-radiacoes-fisicas-da-natureza-em-raio-x-coloridos.html

a arte das fotografias de raio-x coloridas

Surreal X-Ray Photographs Reveal Hidden Beauty in Nature Surreal X-Ray Photographs Reveal Hidden Beauty in Nature

Arie van t Riet - Sandersonia Dragonfly Butterfly

Colorized X-rays Röntgengrafie (X-ray radiography) Arie van 't Riet

14 beautiful X-ray images that shed a unique light on nature. Arie van 't Riet's intriguing art was inspired through his work in the medical field. MNN - Mother Nature Network

14 beautiful X-ray images that shed a unique light on nature

A stunning series of X-ray images by medical specialist and artist Arie van ’t Riet explores the inner workings of animals and plants

Colorized X-Ray Photographs By Arie Van't Riet - Owl

Under x-ray, a barn owl looks the same as a buzzard (credit: Arie van ’t Riet/ SPL)

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From a collection of photographs by Dutch artist Albert Koetsier ( X-Ray Art ). Inspiration for watercolour and ink.

Tulips by Arie van Riet (colourised X-ray photography)

Colourised X-ray photographs of flora and fauna by Arie van't Riet: In pictures

Colorised X- ray photographs By Arie van't Riet. Arie van't Riet's pictures reveal birds, fish, monkeys and flowers in an incredible new lig.

Artist Hugh Tervey uses x-ray imaging to create beautiful flower portraits

Hugh Turvey - Hugh Turvey is a British artist who specializes in x-ray photography. His flower x-ray photos are some of the most beautiful images of flowers you .

X-ray photography: hidden beauty inside

Bryan Whitney's X-ray artwork reveals the inner beauty of flowers and everyday objects. The images are made with an x-ray machine and, amazingly, no camera is involved in capturing these pictures.

Blue Floral X-ray Rain Lily Art

Shop for framed Blue Floral X-ray Rain Lily by Albert Koetsier.

WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Transparent and Graphic Art

Transparent and Graphic Art

Floral Radiographs by Steven N.X-ray images of flowers and plants __ for pattern inspiration

Arie van't Riet

La natura ai raggi X diventa uno spettacolo d'arte

Colorized X-ray Photographs by Physicist Arie van't Riet