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"Sometimes I think I live in a different world." (Almost Famous)

Rock Stars and Groupies: Narcissistic Co-Dependence in the Yoga Teacher-Student Relationship By Carol Horton

If you think Mean Girls is simply a great movie to entertain you after a long day at work — you’re wrong. Take a seat, grab a notebook, and learn from Cady’s mistakes, Janis’ rants, and Regina’s cunning control because the office is simply Mean Girls in the real world.

14 Ways Every Office is Like 'Mean Girls'

"There’s no point in online feminism if it’s an exclusive, Mean Girls club" article by The New Statesman

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Oh this shirt! One day my back will be tone enough to wear something like this. Big Bow + Polka Dots = FABULOUS White Polka Dots Back Bow Chiffon Blouse

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