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Tall Girl Problem #1 - "...or any other sport." Notice it's THE number one problem.

Tall Girl Problems- haha do you play basketball or volleyball? Yea just volleyball not basketball, yet.

sometimes you just wanna be in the front

Though sometimes I don't find it a problem, cuz when your in the back you are less noticeable and less seen.

Yup. Finding things on sale is almost impossible when you're tall.

Finally this is the tall girl problem post I've been waiting to find! Buckle jeans are expensive but their the only ones long enough for me!

Tall People Have Problems Too

This is why I can no longer wear short dresses, I look like I am wearing a child's dress.


This is a genuine problem, either short friend gets wet, or tall friends gets a bad neck/back!

couldnt agree more

one size does NOT fit all. :) (Tall People Problems One Size fits all?