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Some people are just old souls and need to be accepted as such. If you are one of the people that gets called crazy for thinking you can feel people’s.

Abraham Lincoln fits my honesty core value cuz he was know to "never tell a lie". as he said once before" if i were two faced why would i be wearing this opne". Honesty is a vital thing in most relationships to work efficiently. i try and be as honesty as i can because i want to develop good examples of myself

Precognition—including the vague sense of impending doom—is an unexplained phenomenon whereby events are seen before their time. Eerily, Abraham Lincoln reported a dream in which he had seen his own dead body. Only days later, he was fatally shot.

The Unconscious Conditionings of the Mind - Copy

Frank M. Wanderer, Guest Waking Times The Ego-dominated mind plays its games in daily life, and creates the characters and scenarios necessary for the games. The content of such a scenario is determined by the individual’s environment and.

Mi corazón de mujer es rociado con el dulce néctar de sanación que la Madre Cósmica me entrega. En este momento soy parte del Círculo Sagrado de Mujeres de Luz, y unida a mis hermanas, activo mi fu...

Oración de las mujeres guardianas de la Madre Tierra

RIP Amma: Rajinikanth mourns Jayas death, asks fans to not celebrate 66th birthday

Rajinikanth, is the all time ‘superstar’ of Indian cinema, especially kollywood. He is one of the highest earning actors in whole of Asian movie industry.

What if these Native American tribes were never raided and their land and lives never taken? Maybe our history would have transpired differently.

8 Signs You’re More Spiritual Than You Think! - Are you far off from your Spiritual Awakening? Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't know the answer to this, as you may be more Spiritual than you think.

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Sadhu in Pushkar by Mikhail Panfilov on 500px

Sadhu in Pushkar, by Mikhail Panfilov. In Hinduism, sadhu, or shadhu is a common…