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Artista moderniza personagens de “A História Sem Fim”

Art illustration - Dinosaurs - Kentrosaurus: ("reptile sharp point") is a genus of thyreophorans stegosaurids dinosaurs that lived in the late Jurassic period about 152 million years ago, in the Kimmeridgian, in what is now Africa. its herbivory, Media about four meters long and weighed about 320 kilograms.

Kentrosaurus, a herbivorous stegosaurid dinosaur from the late jurassic. Members of this genus of dinosaur are smaller than others of its family. Its back, shoulders and tail are lined with thin bony plates and long spikes used for defence

poe-ghostal-pacific-rim-knifehead-review-3.jpg (1024×992)

poe-ghostal-pacific-rim-knifehead-review-3.jpg (1024×992)