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paperclip math (good fine motor activity as well). You can also make this an addition problem by putting paperclips on the top and on the side to equal the number when added together.

play dough number line...do as a whole table or in partners up to....

Use this with larger numbers for older kids, and numbers that are not consecutive. play dough and craft stick number line; mix up the sticks and have child put them in order, stuck into the play dough

great fine motor practice coupled with name or word work

Good first day kinder art idea! Write child's name on a piece of paper. Use stickers to trace the letters. You can also trace letters with glue and use collage materials, such as, paper scraps, pasta, or glitter.

No mess!  Fill Ziplock bags with hair gel, food coloring and glitter.  Students can practice writing/forming letters, numbers, shapes etc.

hair gel, food coloring, glitter - my kids LOVE these! Make sure you put tape or something over the zipper side of the bag! We had problems with leaking after they were played with for a while. :) Hair gel and food coloring

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