roger: O MELHOR

Shaken Not Stirred by Peter Ruck : English film star Roger Moore, well known for his roles as James Bond and the Saint, downs a martini. :: Love this in the white frame.

Still of Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun/****He was a good 007, but hard to take him as "for real" as some of the others. He seemed a bit spoofy.

Roger Moore did 7 Bond Movies . He always had a "one liner " with something funny to say . That's what Bond is all about .


Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor this just makes the man board because it's funny. i love them as actors too.

Foto de Ralph Fiennes

The *one* thing about the Harry Potter movies that agitates me is that they cover up Ralph Fiennes ultra-prettiness. Yes I know Voldy is not suppose to be pretty , but look at the man!

Roger Moore, he was one of the sexy "Bond" men....also our neighbor in the building. We had the same housekeeper.

Roger Moore:two dimensionally he looks pretty good, but sorry, the bond/Moore films were rubbish.

-Roger Moore

Bazaar rounds up the top ten best Bond Girls in 007 history, from Diana Rigg to Ursula Andress.