Lovely vintage fashion shoot with green hat on the beach

Swim Dress: Outtake for Junior Bazaar, early Photographer: Tom Palumbo

Fotos antiguas de Vogue en la playa

Beyond the sea

Model Ruth Neumann-Derujinsky Original caption: Model seated on striped beach towel wearing grey and white patterned strapless bathing suit.

Fotos antiguas de Vogue en la playa

Beyond the sea

Gretchen Harris in the Virgin Islands, photo by Richard Rutledge, Vogue, 1957

1950's Cocktail Dress.                                                       …

Fifties Cocktail dress Dovima modelling a silk taffeta cocktail dress. Vintage if you ask me Not prom inspired

Resultado de imagen de chanel 40s

fashion -it was in the that hats truly became a vital part of fashion. Hats was a necessary thing for people as like cell phone for us nowadays. accessories are very essential during the due to the rationing of fabric for clothing-image from mid

Vogue Cover - November 1951 Poster Print by Clifford Coffin at the Condé Nast Collection

Vogue Cover Of Janet Randy by Clifford Coffin